Terms and Conditions

  1. Services
    1. When you use the website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read the relevant terms and conditions carefully.
    2. We reserve all rights to change these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time without notice. The revised terms and conditions will be effective from the date of publication. Your continued use of our website and our services constitutes your agreement to accept the latest version of these terms and conditions.
    3. Definitions of terms used in the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions:
      1. “We” is a reference to “Christine Size Friendly Fashion”.
      2. “You” is a reference to those who provide services or deliver goods to us and those who have to pay for the goods we deliver.”
      3. “Commodity”” means the goods or services that you have ordered and will pay through our website.”


  1. Order
    1. When you place an order, you agree to the specified price of the goods. Once you submit, you must not cancel the order, even if we have not accepted or rejected your order.
    2. We will confirm by email that we have received your order. The confirmation email will provide:
      1. Your order details
      2. Your order follow-up information


This notice indicates that we accept your order. You can track the status of your order online.


  1. Price and payment
    1. We will take all reasonable commercial efforts to display accurate and up-to-date prices on our website. However, since the prices of various types of goods sold are usually updated by suppliers, we cannot list the exact prices before accepting your order.


  1. Delivery
    1. We may split an order into more than one deliveries by SF Express. Any time and date of delivery, and transit time are only estimates. If we cannot meet the delivery time and date, you will be notified about the order status. Under no circumstances will we accept cancellation of orders or refund to customers.

We reserve all rights to adjust the order price with free shipping from. time to time.                                              

    1. We may deliver one or more times,  Any time and date regarding the delivery of goods, or the time required for delivery is only an estimate. If we fail to meet any prescribed delivery or delivery date or time, we will notify you about the progress of your order. You agree and accept that under no circumstances will we accept cancellation of orders or refund to you.


We reserve all rights to adjust the free shipping order amount at any time and from time to time.


  1. Return
  2. If customers pick up an order at the store within 14 days after the pick-up notification and they are not satisfied after the try-on, they can exchange for other goods. (Chest pleats and custom-made items such as boots and etc. are special orders/custom-made, so there is no return or exchange) If customers pick up an order after 14 days or choose to ship it with SF Express, there is no return or exchange.
  3. Before customers leave our store, they should check all purchased products to make sure that they are satisfied with the quality. After customers leave our store, we will not refund or exchange purchased products.
  4. All orders already shipped can not be returned or exchanged.

We reserve all rights to terminate or modify the above offers at any time and from time to time without notice. In case of any disputes, our decision will be final and conclusive.


These terms and conditions form part of the general terms and conditions.